The Name - "Campo" - From Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, Campo literally translates to 'field'. We felt this name was fitting for our wine bar as a nod to the agricultural fields wine grape vines begin their transformation in, as well as our shop's location being in Bakersfield. We are often referred to as the nation's breadbasket and our connection to the field runs deep.

Molly Rivera - Molly was born in Bakersfield, studied Wine and Viticulture at Cal Poly SLO and spent time working in the wine industry in France, Sonoma, New York and Morro Bay before making her way back to good ol' Bakersfield. 

Willie Rivera
- Willie was born in Puerto Rico, did not study Wine and Viticulture but has spent more time than Molly indulging in the act of wine drinking. He works for Aera Energy in Regulatory Affairs, but you'll be able to catch him at the shop when he's not out spending Molly's tips.